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This was such a cute little game ^~^ 

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Short, pretty, sweet. Relax and make a friend.

Oh, worked perfectly in Linux.

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This game is so wholesome and sweet! This made me feel so much less lonely, and has so sweet characters and an idea. Love this, cant wait to see the game develop further! :D

Such a sweet and charming game! It helped me feel a little less lonely, I definitely recommend playing it on a nice summer day :) 


A short and lovely little story <3 great job!!

a short simple game of an incredibly sweet friendship told in simple interactions as penpals. thank you! 

Very cure & wholesome!

Cute game but not much to it at the moment.  I wish you could explore the village and lighthouse but I am assuming it's still in development. I'm always on the lookout for good games for younger kids without violence or inappropriate content. This has nice potential.

The moon: (^v^)



This was very sweet :3

Thank you very much <3 

Absolutely charming, they have such a cute friendship!

Thank you so much!!!! <3

I can't wait to see this game develop further, I'm sure it will be incredible! (also the cute voices as the friends talk on the beach as the sun sets, just so so precious aaah!)

hi! will this game ever be available for Mac OS?


We are working on it but we are not sure yet! 

i would love a linux version too!

Hi! I wanted to buy the game but I'm having an issue trying to :(

It says Failed to create PayPal payment (422) 

Do you know what can be the cause? Is there any other way to pay for it? <.<

Game looks amazing and lovely btw <3



We are working on it right now. 

Thanks a lot <3 

Hi again! 

We solved the problem already. :) 

Thanks! It worked!

Totally worth the wait! <3

Ty so much <3